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What They Are Saying About Cetalus

“Working with Cetalus is not only a pleasure but also a learning experience … inspires professionalism and perseverance … generating alternatives to difficult problems … keeping the focus throughout the entire process.”
(Head of Business and Product Development, Human Pharmaceuticals, South America)

“I am not sure that I have ever worked with a consultancy that is so good at focused listening and at finding common ground in order to elicit co-operation from both parties to an agreement.”
(Business Development Manager, Human Pharmaceuticals, North America)

“Congratulations …. your strenuous efforts made it possible. All of us learned a lot from you this year.”
(Vice-President, Functional Foods, Asia)

“Cetalus has the ability to reduce complex issues and express them in simple, actionable terms.” (R&D Manager, Animal Health, Global)

“Thank you very much for your efforts to successfully conclude this important agreement. You are, apart your professional skills, a very kind person. I hope we can join efforts in future projects.”
(Head of Business Development, Human Pharmaceuticals, South America)

“We were impressed by the integrity and competence shown by Cetalus during our deal.”
(CEO, Human Pharmaceuticals, Asia)

“….his intellect, ability to analyze and resolve situations calmly and rationally have always impressed and inspired me.” 
(Head of Innovations, Functional Foods, North America)

“Impressive grasp of technical issues; inspired credibility right from the start by providing pros and cons.”
(R&D Group Leader, Animal Health, Global)

“Your dedication to seeing the project through to its completion, and the way in which you pursued the project with energy and drive played a pivotal role in the success of this project.  I have my doubts that this deal would have been signed without your assistance.”
(Business Development, Human Pharmaceuticals, International)

“Cetalus gets 10/10, outstandingly professional.”
(Head of Business Development, Human Pharmaceuticals, South America)

“…very impressed with Cetalus…contract could not happened without them…has drive to put people together…get resolution…look forward to future licensing opportunities…we can work well together…”
(Head of Business Development, Human Pharmaceuticals, Americas)

“The success of this transaction is completely attributed to you. I really appreciate it, thank you.”
(CEO, Functional Foods, Asia)

“…very clear and professional in our negotiation process….”
Business Development, Human Pharmaceuticals, South America

“I have learned a lot working with you.”
(R&D Head, Functional Foods, Americas)

“…through the intervention of Cetalus…untiring in the negotiation process…influencing on most of the relevant aspects, Agreement, regulatory harmonization, marketing and post-Agreement steps…”
(CEO, Human Pharmaceuticals, Brazil)

“…we could complete this deal successfully only because of your sincere efforts and commitment…”
(Head of Legal, Acquiring Company, Human Pharmaceuticals, Asia)

“…driven to succeed…” “…very bright…really impressed…”
(Functional Foods, North America)

“…I continue to be impressed by the professionalism and exemplary level of service provided by Cetalus. I appreciate the dedication and efficiency which they continue to demonstrate…”
(Head of Business Development, Human Pharmaceuticals, North America)

“…great pleasure to collaborate with Cetalus…on the matter of science…”
(Key opinion leader, Functional Foods, Asia)

“I am tremendously impressed with your professionalism and the vigor you bring to business opportunities.”
(CEO, Human Pharmaceuticals, Asia)

“…you are our biggest support…”
(Supply Chain, Functional Foods, Americas)

“…extremely good and excellent human being and professional…”
(Head of Legal, Functional Foods, International)

“…Cetalus has set a benchmark by which we will measure future licensing projects…”
(Head of Projects, Human Pharmaceuticals, Asia)

“Cetalus recommended walking away from the deal on deal-breaker items – most unusual as it could have resulted in losing its fees.”
(CEO, Human Pharmaceuticals, International)

“We have never worked with such an organized company, focused on results and fulfilling deadlines, with great enthusiasm and abilities to overcome culture barriers.”
(Head of Supply Chain, Human Pharmaceuticals, Americas)




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