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Transforming human and animal health businesses…
Marketing winning products to 2000
companies in 50 countries worldwide.

Letter from President and CEO
License your products and expand sales into 50 new markets worldwide

If you’re like many pharmaceutical and functional food executives I speak with…

…then expanding distribution of your products across the globe is a highly desirable
goal. Yet it is also an onerous task – time-consuming, complex, and fraught with pitfalls.

At Cetalus, our focus is helping companies such as yours, with winning human and
animal health products market them and secure licensees and distributors amongst
leading companies in major countries where they are not currently sold.

We do this through our network of decision making executives – in over 2000
companies in 50 countries worldwide. Companies that are decisive with new product

For instance, we recently enabled a leading functional food company to license their
product to the top direct marketer in that space … and the product now ranks #1 in its

The Business Development project leader of a leading North American pharmaceutical
company wrote of CETALUS, “I am not sure that I have ever worked with a consultancy
that is so good at focused listening and at finding common ground in order to elicit co-
operation from both parties to an agreement.

Our triple-pronged approach for product licensing combines CEO-level strategic thinking
and hands-on business development with world-class project management – a winning
formula for opening new markets for pharmaceutical and functional food products with

If you have such a winning product, please call us at +1 786 899 5100 or email me directly
at – or click here for a no-cost, no-obligation conference call
to explore your product’s potential for licensing and expanding into new markets – and
by doing so, dramatically improving your market share, sales, and profitability.


Ajay Srinivas, President and CEO
Cetalus LLC




Ajay Srinivas
President and CEO, Cetalus LLC

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