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Letter from President and CEO
In-licensing opportunities

As a leading company in life sciences, you may be considering filling a strategic product gap through in-licensing or acquisition. CETALUS is an international consulting firm offering an array of in-licensing opportunities that may be a good fit for you.

Using our proprietary screening process, we identify extraordinary human and animal health products from innovative companies and pair them with effective marketers like you. We help you secure agreements and shepherd the process to successful commercialization with world-class project management.

In 2017, our efforts on behalf of one client unseated the #1 brand in the Anti-Alzheimer segment. Our prior experiences include attaining a #1 ranking for a functional food. And increasing an animal health business by 5X.

The Head of Business Development for a leading international pharmaceutical company wrote: “Cetalus played a pivotal role in the success of our project. I doubt the deal would have been signed without your assistance.”

We hope you will keep Cetalus in mind the next time you are considering in-licensing. Meanwhile, I invite you to read more at, and I thank you in advance for devoting time to this letter.


Ajay Srinivas, President and CEO
Cetalus LLC




Ajay Srinivas
President and CEO, Cetalus LLC

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