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Global Strategy

Transforming human and animal health businesses…
Marketing winning products to 2000
companies in 50 countries worldwide.

Global Strategy
Three Steps to Global Marketing Success

1. A Winning Global Strategy

Many excellent pharmaceutical companies develop groundbreaking products, but lack the marketing know-how and international connections to market them globally.

Cetalus excels in meeting those needs. We become your instant marketing arm, presenting your winning products to our database of 2000 licensees in 50 countries worldwide.

You also profit from our CEO-level strategic planning. Since we are very selective in the quality and marketability of the products we take on, our carefully developed product screening process and marketing campaigns enjoy an exceptional rate of success, delivering transformational benefits to our clients.

Real Case Snapshot: Proven Gap & Targeting Analysis enabled a major pharma company to attain global leadership in a business segment where previously they had only a small regional presence.

2. Hands-On Business Development
We use advanced marketing techniques that optimize reach and frequency so that your product gets appropriate exposure. We follow up with multiple contacts at decision-making levels to ensure the right people are aware of the product’s winning therapeutic value and market demand.

Once interest is established, our depth of experience comes into play in negotiating and executing sustainable Agreements.

Real Case Snapshot: Cetalus enabled a leading international client to out-license their functional food product to the top company in the direct marketing segment, achieving a #1 continental ranking.

3. World-Class Project Management
What sets Cetalus apart: more than introducing your products to a global audience and securing an Agreement, we see each account acquisition, each transaction through to its fruition.

After Agreements are executed, Cetalus guides every phase of the launching process, implementing marketing strategies and providing post-launch support and follow-through.

All this is facilitated by Cetalus’ unique ability to build a strong partnership of transparency and communication between licensor and licensee, fostering a long and mutually advantageous relationship. That way, obstacles or issues incurred that might normally derail an Agreement are resolved on the foundation of trust that has been developed.

Real Case Snapshot: In a complex, politically charged global project spanning several years, involving multiple parties and manufacturers, Cetalus’ untiring perseverance and stamina led to a successful outcome.









“Cetalus’ dedication to seeing the project through to its completion, and the way in which you pursued it with energy and drive, played a pivotal role in the success of the project.”

– International Human
Pharmaceuticals Company




Market your winning products to 2000 top companies in 50 countries worldwide.
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