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Headquartered in the USA
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About Cetalus

Transforming human and animal health businesses…
Marketing winning products to 2000
companies in 50 countries worldwide.

About Cetalus
Helping to bring pharmaceuticals and functional foods that change life to the world.

There are companies (licensors) around the world developing breakthrough human and animal health products that are available and successful in their country of origin.

These winning pharmaceuticals and functional foods are potential global bestsellers if licensed to leading companies (licensees) in different geographic areas with credibility and a proven record of marketing to physicians and consumers.

Cetalus is the link that connects licensors and licensees and transforms domestic winners into global successes.

Cetalus LLC was founded in 2005 by Ajay Srinivas, with the vision of globalizing life-changing health products to bring transformational market-share, sales and profitability to both licensors—small and medium developers and manufacturers—and 2000 top licensees in 50 countries worldwide.

Doing what it takes to transform your business.

Cetalus’ proven formula is to identify exceptional products using our proprietary screening process, market them with top companies who have expertise in new product introductions, secure Agreements, and shepherd the process to successful commercialization.

“We accept projects only where we believe we can make value-added contributions towards achieving transformational benefits for our clients. We do not accept all projects.” —Ajay Srinivas

From pre-launch through post-launch, Cetalus guides a project through every phase, overcoming challenges and bringing products to market with speed and efficiency.

“We have never worked with such an organized company, focused on results and fulfilling deadlines, with great enthusiasm and abilities to overcome culture barriers.” —Head of Supply Chain for Leading Pharmaceutical Company in Brazil.

Learn more about our 3 steps to marketing success for pharmaceutical and functional food companies: Global Strategy, Business Development and Project Management. Or Contact Cetalus.

Learn more about in-licensing opportunities in human pharmaceuticals, functional foods and animal health products now available through Cetalus.





A Fortuitous Dinner Meeting
Tokyo, April 2005. Ajay Srinivas,
then CEO of a US health business, meets up with two industry colleagues for sushi. One owns a therapeutic product that was not living up to its global potential. The other’s company has a proven global marketing record. Perfect! With Ajay’s help, the two firms strike up a licensing and acquisition deal that becomes a huge commercial success. Cetalus is born.




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